Are you just about to embark on your Agile journey? Or are you well under way but are not realizing the benefits of Agile? We can accelerate your Agile journey and help you to transform, innovate, and deliver impactful products. 

Our services include Organizational Transformation and Agile Adoption, Enterprise and Team Coaching, Agile Engineering and DevOps Coaching. 

Organizational Transformation and Agile Adoption

There is no one size fits all to an Agile transformation. Each organization’s environment, culture, context, and capacity for change is unique. Our approach is guided by your desired business outcomes. Agility is not the goal. It is just one way of achieving your goals. Is it faster time to market, improved quality, higher employee engagement, or a culture of innovation? Or maybe it is something else like higher customer satisfaction? Based on your prioritized business outcomes, we will create an Agile adoption roadmap that builds up the right capabilities that deliver on those business outcomes and measures your progress along the way.


Enterprise and Team Coaching

Applying what you learned in training to your organization and your context is challenging. We help your organization overcome these challenges by having an experienced coach guide you at all levels of the organization to ensure success. 

We work with team members and stakeholders to embed the Agile practices as well as the mindset. We act as role models and influence and change the right Agile behaviors and coach Agile leaders to champion these same behaviors. 

We lead teams through Agile practices and ceremonies and tailor these practices for each team based on their maturity. We assess each team, run training workshops as needed, and build continuous improvement backlogs.

As teams mature, we transition into an advisory role and become a thought partner challenging the status quo. We work with stakeholders to surface, escalate, and resolve obstacles. We improve agile practices across the organization, minimizing silos and improving cross team collaboration. 

Our goal is to build up your internal Agile capabilities so along the way we coach and mentor your internal ScrumMasters and Agile coaches and help you setup your own Agile Center of Excellence.

Agile Architecture

Agile Engineering and DevOps Coaching

Technical coaching helps your teams learn to program better and hone their Agile Engineering Practices. These include techniques like Test Driven Development, automated builds and tests, continuous integration and deployment. These practices help teams manage their technical debt, improve code quality, deliver faster, respond to changing requirements, and they are all essential for succeeding with Agility.


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