Testing Business Ideas by David Bland

David Bland presented on "Testing Business Ideas" at Washington DC Scrum User Group (DCSUG). David gives a rare behind the scenes look at how he tested his book content along the way by using lean principles. David was recently approached by Alex Osterwalder to co-author a new book about testing business ideas. They had both observed…


Free Scrum Foundations Course

New to Agile and Scrum? Learn the fundamentals of Scrum covering Scrum theory values, Scrum roles, Scrum events, and Scrum artifacts by watching this 14 part video series based on the Scrum Alliance® Scrum Foundations Learning Objectives that are aligned with the Scrum Guide. Watch the video series here.


Free Coaching Sessions

Got a Scrum questions? Are you facing challenges with your Agile adoption? Need advice? We are here to help. Sign-up for a 15 minute slot at one of our weekly coaching sessions. Sessions generally occur on Fridays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (ET) however days/times do vary depending on schedule conflicts. Sign up by using…

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Online Certified Scrum Classes

Due to the uncertainties around COVID-19, we are temporarily pivoting to virtual classes. The classes will still be live, instructor led, learn by doing, with lots of exercises, discussions, and simulations to ensure an interactive and engaging online learning experience. This includes our foundation and advanced classes: Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)Certified…

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Top 13 Patterns to Split a User Story

Here are the top 13 patterns to split a user story. When clarifying user stories with the team during product backlog refinement, run through the following questions: 1. Can a business person understand the user story? If not, re-write it from a business perspective. 2. Does the user story include a value statement? If not, re-write…

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Top 5 Customer Interview Rules

Customer interviews are key for validating product ideas early. Here are 5 customer interview rules to follow when conducting problem interviews with customers in order to validate a particular hypothesis. 1. Do the interviews in person, 1 person at a time Doing the interview in person and focused on an individual helps in establishing a connection…

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Tales of the Bizarro Scrum – Developers and Deliverables

Developer: “Last Sprint I delivered 18 story points all on my own!” This post will not be about story points. I will leave the story points are evil discussion for another time. Instead I want to focus on the intent behind such a statement. And by intent, I am referring to the proud declaration and feeling…

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Tales of the Bizarro Scrum

Bizarro Scrum is like Bizarro world where everything appears to be the opposite of what it should be. It is when Organizations and teams are doing Scrum but are not realizing the benefits of Scrum like faster ROI, reduced risk, increased visibility and improved adaptability. They are unable to continuously deliver valuable, high quality products and…

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TDD – That Was Easy!

At the 2019 Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna and at AgileDC 2019 in Washington, DC, I presented on Test Driven Development. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with the presentation slides. AgileDC 2019 Abstract: Have you tried TDD? Do you hate it? Do you have a hard time applying it in practice? Do you…

Agile Testing – Testing from Day 1 Presentation
Acceptance Test Driven Development

Agile Testing – Testing from Day 1 Presentation

At the 2019 Global Scrum Gathering in Austin, TX, I presented on Agile Testing. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with links to the Agile Testing blog series and the presentation slides. 2019 Austin Global Scrum Gathering Abstract: Many teams struggle with fitting in testing activities inside of a Sprint. They end up doing…