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Since 2010, Fadi Stephan has been an active speaker at premier Agile and Scrum conferences worldwide including the Agile Alliance AgileXX Conferences and the Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gatherings.  Fadi presents talks and workshops on agility, scrum, leadership, product management, user-centered design, Agile engineering practices and DevOps.

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Fadi Stephan

Short Bio

Fadi Stephan is founder of Kaizenko, a boutique consulting firm providing Certified Scrum Training and coaching to help organizations  transform, innovate, and deliver impactful products. Fadi is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and technology consultant with more than twenty years of experience at startups, government agencies, and Fortune500 companies across various sectors including financial, hospitality, and homeland. His focus is on building high performing innovative organizations and teams that deliver value early and maximize ROI. Fadi coaches and trains clients on agility and organizational culture, leadership, product management, user-centered design, Agile engineering practices and DevOps.

2023 Global Scrum Gathering, Amsterdam, Netherland
2023 Global Scrum Gathering, Portland, Oregon
2022 Global Scrum Gathering, Lisbon, Portugal
2022 Global Scrum Gathering, Denver, Colorado
2021 Agile Online Summit
2021 Launch Your Agile Career Event
A20 Agile Conference
Agile Reflect 20 Festival
Agile 2020, Orlando, Florida
Global Scrum Gathering 2020, New York, New York
2019 Global Scrum Gathering, Vienna, Austria
Agile 2018, San Diego, California
Global Scrum Gathering 2019, Austin, Texas
deliver:Agile 2018 Austin, Texas
Global Scrum Gathering 2017, San Diego, California
Global Scrum Gathering 2016, Munich, Germany
Agile 2016, Atlanta, Georgia
Global Scrum Gathering 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
Global Scrum Gathering 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada
Agile Development West 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada
Agile 2015, Washington DC
Agile 2014, Orlando, Florida
Agile 2013, Nashville, Tennessee
Global Scrum Gathering 2012, Barcelona, Spain
Global Scrum Gathering 2012, Atlanta, Georgia
Agile Development West 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada
Global Scrum Gathering 2012, Cape Town South Africa
Agile Development East 2012, Orlando, Florida
Agile Development East 2011, Orlando, Florida
Agiles 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina