What Our Students Are Saying

Instructor was a field expert with many years of experience

“Instructor was a field expert with many years of experience, but also maintained great facilitation skills.”

Public class participant

“This course was extremely valuable as a new product manager. I’ve learned essential skills as product owner that I will take and implement at my job.”

CSPO Participant

“As someone new to Agile and Scrum, this made for a great, comprehensive introduction. I would recommend this course to everyone.”

Swatee Gupta

“The instructor is very knowledgeable and was able to give straightforward answers. I liked his ability to listen and understand my questions. I really liked the structure of the class as well and appreciate the workbook! I also really liked the 10 min break every hour. That kept my mind fresh.”

Private Class Participant

“It was a highly engaging class focused on practical skills to make you a better Scrum Team Member”

Leigh Griffin

“I have spent about 6 years on “Agile” teams with varying implementations. Very helpful to re-baseline what I thought I knew about Scrum.”

Ali Tobolsky

“Learned a lot! Enough where I see things I need to change at my company regarding our ‘Scrum’ process.”

Garrett Cooper

“Fadi was enthusiastic without being corny and really paused to allow the class to use the skills already gathered and answer questions. The class was dynamic, followed the principles of Scrum and put things into perspective.”

Public class participant

“I like how we were constantly engaged by the instructor. I also like how the program started slowly and grew more difficult. I came in knowing what unit testing was in theory and left knowing how to practically apply it.”

Thomas Lee

“Fadi is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the material and he presented it very well.”

Private training participant

“Fadi has a wealth of knowledge and experience and does a great job addressing questions.”

Ivory Harris

“I really enjoyed taking this class. It cleared certain misconceptions I had about certain Scrum topics.”


“Fadi is extremely knowledgeable about Scrum and its challenges. He uses his amazing articulation and oratory skills to make complex topics seem easy to follow.”


“Fadi did an excellent job in helping me understand Scrum and get certified.”


“Great examples. Hand drawing things just like we would if we were in class helps explain transitions over time better than just showing a static image. Very effective technique.”

A-CSM Participant

“Throughout my whole career I thought I was in a Scrum environment, and following best practices as a member of the dev team. Through this training I have learned that there are improvements to be made and I am confident that I can implement that changes with the tools I’ve learned in this CSD course.”

Allena A.

“Fadi made the material exciting and knew how to engage us with Scrum and Agile.”

Carlos Escarilla

“Course covers all principles early on which helps set a foundation for the deep dive sections. Activities are key!” 

Private class student

“Fadi is very knowledgable and provides real-world examples and methods that can be applied to the Product Owner’s everyday working life. Topics and exercises were relevant, important, and engaging. I definitely recommend this class if you are looking to continue your growth in the Product space.”


“The CSD training and certification helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and practice of Test Driven Development, among other agile disciplines. It was great to see how specific programming techniques best support the Scrum Sprint cycle.”

Dave Mueller

“Learning by practicing. Games, simulations and exercises. Concise and simple ways to explain the material.”


“Instructor was very knowledgeable and you could tell he had experience in the field and in teaching.”

Kenneth Sunga

“Great course; highly recommended.”

Nithin Seshaori

“Very knowledgeable instructor, good class exercises, and instructor encouraged discussions. The whole experience was fun and solidified my learning and thinking.”


“Every new hire developer should be required to take this class.”

Brett Heinz

“The Live Virtual Training Online format was very effective. It was quite interactive. The exercises were especially engaging. The instructor’s experience and expertise comes through during every section of the training. He answered my questions in a thorough and thoughtful way.”


TDD via practical examples

“I liked learning TDD via practical examples with an explanation of “Why” at each stage of the exercises.”

CSD Student

“Fadi did a good job trying to balance the skills sets of the attendees.”

CSD Participant

“Excellent job of reviewing the content and engaging participants throughout the training.”

Michael MacEwen

“I really enjoyed this class. The time flew by as Fadi made the course interactive and fun. Fadi is extremely knowledgeable and I am very happy with my experience.”

Nicola Palmer

Initially Skeptical

“I was initially skeptical about running the course using Scrum, but it really drove the concepts home. I thought the interactive approach was a good way to get hands-on with the content to learn the lessons and really appreciated not just walking through powerpoint.”

CSM Student

“The group activities were really helpful to breakdown the PO toolbox.”

CSPO Participant

“Awesome preliminary course to start your Agile journey. Course Content is very effective and instructor is awesome in his teaching style where complex Scrum situations are simplified.”

Rishi A.

“Fadi gave very thorough examples to ensure maximum comprehension – much appreciated.” 

Rachel Hoffman

“Exercises and scenarios were memorable and helpful.” 

Private class student

“The hands-on coding exercises were very practical”

CSD Student

“One of my concerns with certifications is they can be highly theoretical and difficult to apply in one’s personal work context. This CSM course avoids this trap by using Scrum to run the class itself, and giving students lots of practical experience with the Scrum events, artifacts and agile principles.”

John Higgins

“I realized quickly that I first learned fake Scrum in previous roles and needed help to learn it the right way. Fadi was a good teacher.”


Adaptable, entertaining, thorough, with perfect examples

“Adaptable, entertaining, thorough, with perfect examples. Awesome course. I highly recommend it to my teammates.” 

Private class participant

I was blown away!

“I didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away by the concepts, the different way of thinking and how scrum can be used in any industry.”

J. Ray

“This was such a helpful course. Fadi had a wealth of real world knowledge that gave great context for the info in the course. There were also a lot of hands-on activities that where really useful.”


“Introduced to a different way about thinking about Scrum and teamwork. It put my previous experience in a different perspective.”

Gaurab Misra

“The class was very engaging! I liked the format of learning a topic and then transitioning into the breakout groups. It helped in applying concepts we were learning throughout the class.”


“Practical learning and real world practical examples to prepare for what you will encounter.”

Troy D.

“I thought I had sufficient idea about Scrum before the course, but I  now have a complete appreciation for the approach.”

Matthew Dearing

“Best collaboration activities ever seen. Innate approach to submerging students inside scrum experience gave unique learning experience.”

CSM Student

Practical examples and insights to enrich the learning experience

“Fadi is a great instructor – very knowledgeable – gave practical examples and insights to enrich the learning experience.”

Thadi M.

“This course gave me concrete examples that I can immediately apply to my company’s scrum process.”


“The knowledge of the instructor was great. Not overly opinionated either which I liked.”

CSPO Student

“Best live instructor ever experienced.”

CSM Student

“Would gladly take another one of Fadi’s classes.”

Luisa Scipione

“The cradle to grave walk-through of a PO role was very helpful.”

CSPO Student

Real-world experiences, stories, and examples

“I most liked the practical exercises and Fadi’s real-world experiences, stories, and examples beyond the covered material.”

Private class participant

“Highly recommended to anyone at any level of Scrum experience.” 

Michael MacEwen

Well paced. Excellent structure with real world examples and group activities to enforce the learning objectives.”

A-CSM Participant

“It was a great experience in collaboration and learning.”

Ron Zinski

“This course was a great overview of Scrum and a useful deep dive into the role of a Product Owner.”

Charlie Peters

“The course format and instructor was great at getting and keeping me engaged and participating.”

Jimmy L.

“Fadi’s class took me through a deeper dive into scrum. It taught me the principals and gave me the confidence to facilitate as a proper servant leader in my role as ScrumMaster.”


“The information was presented in an easy to understand, comprehensive, engaging format. The interaction was integral to understanding and was very appreciated.”

April Henderson

“Instructor explains concepts via step by step coding exercises and explaining why we do it this way.”

CSD Participant

“Fadi was awesome. He kept us engaged and provided good context on the material.”


“Engaging, personable, and professional from start to finish. It was a pleasure to have Fadi as our instructor.”

Tony V.

“The course is a great opportunity for all agile practitioners (not just Scrum Masters) to refresh on key concepts of Scrum and introduce improvements to their daily work and team collaboration. I highly recommend it.”

Katie Kranz

“Fadi was able to read the room and adjust the curriculum based on the needs of the class.”

CSM Student

“Enjoyed the structure of the class. Worked like a real world example.”

CSM Student

“I’m confident that I will pass the exam on the 1st attempt from what I learned during this course.”

CSM Student

Customized advise, real world examples and many hands-on exercise

“Customized advise, real world examples and many hands-on exercises that really helped.”

CSPO Student

“I appreciate the step by step approach to coding. The content of the course was also excellent and clear, and there are a number of things I feel comfortable implementing in my work in the next 3 months.”

Private CSD course participant

“The course was informative and easy to follow.”

CSM Student

Great course!

“Great course with plenty of interactive activities to help develop a good foundation of Agile and Scrum.”

Private Corporate Class

“The activities presented in the this course helped increase our Scrum knowledge in a fun and interactive manner.”

Hans K.

“Fadi was excellent at answering questions on the fly. He’s very knowledgeable.”

Don Hackworth

“The CSM course offered me an insight into the power of persuasion and servant leadership a scrum master plays in teams.”

CSM Student

“Excellent strategy to teach content – many relevant examples – held attention and engagement.” 

Kelly Costello

“Fadi is an outstanding professional who is passionate about training and imparting knowledge. Totally recommend him!”

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

“The class demystified Scrum for us. Fadi patiently answered our questions and made us believe this is possible for us.”

Private Corporate Class

“A new way of thinking and great way to learn the material.”

Douglas R.

“Excellent teacher, knows ins and outs of Scrum and Agile. Extremely helpful and patient with our group.”

Karim Z.