06/11/2021 – Agile Coach Camp Worldwide

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Agile Coach Camp Worldwide is an unconference using Open Space to bring together people from around the globe interested in helping software development organizations and their business partners improve their craft and agility.

Open Space is a means to self-organize meetings and conferences around what matters most to attendees. Attendees come together around a high-level topic or need and create their own agenda; then they gather into groups to brainstorm, debate, or otherwise discuss the topics proposed on the agenda. There are typically several time slots throughout the day and multiple topics going on concurrently.

This year’s Home Edition will consist of 3 open space events planned in a way to allow some convenience of where you are on the globe and still promote cross-pollination between continents. Your ticket allows you to attend one or all 3 of these events.

Find out more and register here.