10/17/2022 – The Global Scrum Gathering

Scrum Alliance has proudly hosted our signature Global Scrum Gatherings since 2004, turning them into the not-to-be-missed event. In Lisbon, you'll join presentations and interactive sessions led by experts in the field who inspire with stories of success, current implementation best practices, and creative applications of agile and the scrum framework. You'll meet agile-minded people from…


Top Tips For Product Backlog Refinement

At the 2022 Global Scrum Gathering in Denver, I presented on 6 Tips for Product Backlog Refinement. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with the presentation slides and a blog post related to the presentation. Abstract: Are your Sprint planning meetings taking longer and longer each Sprint? Are some of the stories vague, complex,…


The Agile Dashboard

At the 2222 Global Scrum Gathering in Denver, I presented on Agile Metrics. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with the presentation slides. Abstract: There are more to Agile metrics than velocity and burn-down charts. However, most Agile teams just focus on velocity and target story points which leads to managers misusing the metric…


2022 Global Scrum Gathering In Denver

On June 6-8, I was at the Global Scrum Gathering in Denver and I presented 6 Tips for Effective Product Backlog Refinement as well as The Agile Dashboard. Below are some of the resources mentioned in my talks: 6 Tips For Effective Product Backlog Refinement 13 Patterns For Splitting User Stories The Product Backlog Refinement Canvas…

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Interpreting Cumulative Flow Diagrams

For our May event, Mark Grove presented on Interpreting Cumulative Flow Diagrams. Abstract The Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD). Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’ve been told it can help you better understand the flow of work, identify bottlenecks, and get a sense how long work items will take to complete. It sounds intriguing, but…how exactly…


5/24/2022 – mtpcon San Francisco

The conference for product people is back! Join us on May 24 and 25 for two days of product inspiration at #mtpcon SF+Americas – as always, you’ll hear insights with some of the biggest names in product and get the chance to network with over 1000 of your peers – but this time, it's hybrid! Find…


Protected: Class Notes

You can download the class workbook here and the class notes here.

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Psychological Safety: A dive into neuroscience and psychology

In November, Mike Bowler presented on Psychological Safety: A dive into neuroscience and psychology. Abstract The term "psychological safety" was originally coined by Amy Edmondson to describe a behaviour that we can observe. But what does it mean to be psychologically safe? Why is this such a powerful and critical aspect to ourselves, and those around…


Modern Management: Adapt How You Lead for Agile Success

In November, Johanna Rothman presented on Modern Management - Adapt How You Lead for Agile Success. Abstract Too many people say, “With agile, we don’t need no stinkin’ managers.” However, because managers create and refine the culture, modern managers create and refine the agile culture. Without modern management, any agile initiative will die. It’s time to…


3/23/2022 – Business Agility Conference

The 2022 Business Agility Conference in New York City on March 23-24 will bring together seasoned practitioners of business agility who have walked the path to greater innovation and thrived along the way. Practitioners, executives, and thought leaders will share their insights through short “lightning” talks throughout each day. You’ll get the chance to discuss what…