10/07/2021 – The Access Agile Festival

The Access Agile Festival is a worldwide free Agile event happening across 3 days from October 7 to 9. There are tons of great speakers presenting on Agile topics in a time zone that works for you. Find out more here.


Product Ownership – beyond the classroom

At the Product Ownership - Beyond The Class Room event hosted by the Scrum Alliance, Fadi Stephan presented on 6 Steps for Effective Product Backlog Refinement. Below are some of the resources mentioned in the talk: 6 Tips For Effective Product Backlog Refinement 13 Patterns For Splitting User Stories The Product Backlog Refinement Canvas

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10/13/2021 – Coaching your Team to Technical Excellence

Fadi Stephan joins AgileIndy to present on Coaching Your Team To Technical Excellence. Abstract: Agile Engineering Practices are key to succeeding with Scrum and realizing its many benefits like faster ROI, reduced risks, and improved adaptability. Yet many teams struggle with adopting these practices and end up just going through the motions and using cool new…


10/25/2021 – The Agile Online Summit

The original online Agile Conference is in its 5th year. Join in on October 25-27 to connect with leading Agile authors, coaches, and status quo challengers. This is a global conference bringing people from different countries and continents. Don’t miss out! Find out more here.


10/18/2021 – Feature Team vs. Component Team: Exposing Local Optimization

On October 18, Gene Gendel presents on Feature Teams vs. Component teams at the DC Scrum User Group. Abstract: Gene Gendel will discuss features teams vs. components teams, as the function f(x) of organizational design. Gene will use light system modelling (coaching) techniques to link team design to a backlog content and PO's ability to prioritize…


09/1/2021 Product Ownership – Beyond the Classroom

The Scrum Alliance is hosting a special beyond the classroom event for product owners on September 1-2, 2021. Come learn from a diverse group of agile thought leaders as they discuss hot topics concerning product owners today. Made up of industry trailblazers and emerging voices, our panel will engage in an impactful dialogue about topics and trends…


08/11/2021 – Coaching Your Team To Technical Excellence

Join Fadi Stephan at Agile ME - Dubai Chapter for a presentation on coaching your team to technical excellence. Abstract: Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility” is one of the twelve principles behind the Agile manifesto. Are your teams practicing Test Driven Development, Automated Testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery? How about pairing,…