08/07/2020 – Agile Coach Camp World Wide

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The Agile Coach Camp World Wide is a 3 day virtual event this year accommodating multiple time zones.

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Home Edition will consist of 3 open space events planned in a way to allow some convenience of where you are on the globe and still promote cross-pollination between continents. Your ticket allows you to attend one or all 3 of these events.

Current thinking is from –

2300-0300 on 7 August 2020

1700-2100 on 8 August 2020

1000-1400 on 9 August 2020

All times are Greenwich Mean Time (aka Universal Time Coordination or Zulu Time).

The weekend before, we will have a series of virtual icebreakers so people can get to know one another. These will be 90 minutes and have the same start times.

Tickets are allotted based on regions to provide equal worldwide access to this event. We may adjust the times if people from whole regions don’t register. Please purchase a ticket for the region that most closely represents where you live.

We will readjust ticket quantities around 1 June, 1 July, and 1 August depending on how the regions are selling. Our goal is start off with an even distribution and adjust to where demand is.

Find out more here.