Agile Scaling – 3 Factors You Need for Success

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For our July event, Nicole Spence-Goon presented on Agile Scaling and the factors you need for success.


Have you ever thought to yourself…

• How can we make Agile Scaling less of a goal itself and more of a method to get our organizational goals?

• We know we need to scale but where do we go from here?

I’ll share the three factors that emerged as common themes throughout my experience working on government Agile Scaling projects that ultimately impacted the trajectory of each agency’s Scaling journey:

• Communicate vision consistently
• Focus on your people genuinely
• Create your own path intentionally

Regardless of the agency acronym or the frameworks used, these concepts shaped their Scaling outcomes.
So, whether you are working in the government, commercial or the non-profit space, these concepts can help you take your organization to the peak of its Agile Scaling journey.