Scrum Foundations Post Class Assessment

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Congrats on completing your Scrum foundations class: Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), or Certified Scrum Developer (CSD). Well done!

Now it’s time to take the post class assessment.

If you did not do the pre-class prep, please go ahead and do that now:

  1. Read the Scrum Guide (15 pages) .
  2. Read and/or watch the Scrum in A Nutshell Series that recaps topics we covered in class.
  3. Review your workbook exercises and class notes.

Here is the post-class assessment:


Post Class Scrum Foundations Assessment

Let’s get started. Please provide your name and email and hit next. Good luck!

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Sprints are the heartbeat of Scrum, where ideas are turned into value. The maximum fixed duration of a Sprint is?

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The following are activities that occur in Product Backlog Refinement

(Select all that apply)

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The Sprint Backlog can be changed as long as the change does not endanger the Sprint Goal

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Which of these are benefits of using a timebox?

(Select all that apply)

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Which event is to increase overall team and organizational effectiveness

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Which event is to determine the work to be done in the Sprint

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Each Product Backlog Item has its own Definition of Done

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The main accountability of the Developers is

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The ScrumMaster is accountable for the effectiveness of

(Select all that apply)

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What might happen if Scrum is only partially applied

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Attributes of a Product Backlog Item include

(Select all that apply)

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All Product Backlog Items must be written as user stories

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The 3 commitments in Scrum are

(Select all that apply)

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Which of the following are advantages of an iterative and incremental approach?

(Select all that apply)

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The Product Increment is

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Empiricism is best defined as

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Delivering a potentially shippable product increment at the end of each Sprint is how Scrum implements this Agile principle

Select all that apply


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The Product Backlog is never complete

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What do we take into consideration when determining the duration of the Sprint?

(Select all that apply)

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Which of these are the 5 Scrum values

Select all that apply

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When a new requirement is identified, it’s added to the

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A Sprint can have multiple Sprint Goals

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The Product Increment must meet the level of quality as defined by

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The Sprint Backlog is

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The Scrum Master is required at the Daily Scrum

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The Definition of Done is strengthened overtime

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Which event is to insect progress towards the Product Goal

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The Product Backlog emerges from the

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The 3 pillars of empiricism are

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The main accountability of the Scrum Master is

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In a 2 week Sprint, what’s the recommended timebox for Sprint Planning?

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Which event is to inspect progress towards the Sprint Goal?

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The main accountability of the Product Owner is

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The Product Backlog is

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