"The CSD training and certification helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and practice of Test Driven Development, among other agile disciplines. It was great to see how specific programming techniques best support the Scrum Sprint cycle."

"I like how we were constantly engaged by the instructor. I also like how the program started slowly and grew more difficult. I came in knowing what unit testing was in theory and left knowing how to practically apply it."

"Instructor explains concepts via step by step coding exercises and explaining why we do it this way."

"Every new hire developer should be required to take this class."

"I appreciate the step by step approach to coding. The content of the course was also excellent and clear, and there are a number of things I feel comfortable implementing in my work in the next 3 months."

"Fadi did a good job trying to balance the skills sets of the attendees."

TDD via practical examples

"I liked learning TDD via practical examples with an explanation of "Why" at each stage of the exercises."

"The hands-on coding exercises were very practical"

"Throughout my whole career I thought I was in a Scrum environment, and following best practices as a member of the dev team. Through this training I have learned that there are improvements to be made and I am confident that I can implement that changes with the tools I've learned in this CSD course."