Testing Business Ideas by David Bland

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David Bland presented on “Testing Business Ideas” at Washington DC Scrum User Group (DCSUG). David gives a rare behind the scenes look at how he tested his book content along the way by using lean principles.

David was recently approached by Alex Osterwalder to co-author a new book about testing business ideas. They had both observed a gap between sketching out an idea and finding practical ways to rapidly test it. Building off of Business Model Generation, Lean Startup and Value Proposition Design books, they decided to curate a list of experiments for people who are stuck making progress on their idea. They’ve identified three major themes from design thinking. The first, desirability, describes whether or not people want the solution. The second, viability, speaks to if you can create a sustainable business with the solution. The third, feasibility, goes into the steps to run the infrastructure.

Testing Business Ideas by David Bland
Testing Business Ideas By David Bland