Advanced Certified Product Owner (A-CSPO) Pre-Class Assessment

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You are currently viewing Advanced Certified Product Owner (A-CSPO) Pre-Class Assessment

Congrats on taking the next step on your Agile journey by registering for the A-CSPO class. In this class, we will go beyond the fundamentals of Scrum and dive deeper into the Product Owner role, product strategy, product discovery, stakeholder management, and advanced product backlog management techniques.

Please take this assessment and mark any questions or misunderstandings you might have. Don’t worry about your score. It’s OK if you don’t get the correct answers. We will spend the first part of the class clarifying any misconceptions to level up our Scrum knowledge and ensure we are all on the same page before covering more advanced concepts.

If you feel you need a refresher, I recommend watching the Scrum in a Nutshell Video Series.

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