Scrum Foundations class Prep

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Congrats on registering for your Scrum foundations class: Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), or Certified Scrum Developer (CSD). We look forward to having you in class!

Now it’s time to prep for the class and take the pre-class assessment.

There’s about 1 hour of prep for the class. Please come to class prepared by completing the following steps:

  1. Read the Scrum Guide (15 pages)
  2. Take the pre-class assessment below (15 minutes)

In addition, for virtual classes:

  1. If you are new to Mural then watch this video for an overview of Mural, the tool we will use for online collaboration (10 min) and practice using Mural here (5 min)
  2. During our virtual class, you will need to have the following:
    • Computer with mic and camera. Expectation are that these will be on throughout the course and are required for certification. Simply calling in from a phone or using a computer without a camera is not enough as you will not be able to participate in the exercises and you will not be eligible for certification. Please test out your connection and equipment before the class at
    • Chrome browser for online collaboration tool (mural). Other browsers work, but chrome works best with this tool. Tablets are also not ideal. Test out Mural with your browser before class (see step 4 above).
    • A notebook and a pen for taking notes.

Here is the pre-class assessment:


Pre Class Assessment

1 / 10

The 3 pillars of Scrum or empiricism are:

2 / 10

The 5 Scrum Values are:

3 / 10

The 3 accountabilities of a Scrum Team are:

4 / 10

The 3 Scrum Artifacts are:

5 / 10

The 5 Scrum events are:

6 / 10

The Product Owner is…

7 / 10

The ScrumMaster is…

8 / 10

The Developers are

9 / 10

The Daily Scrum is a daily status meeting.

10 / 10

The output of every Sprint is

Your score is