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At the 2023 Global Scrum Gathering in Portland, Fadi Stephan presented on the Definition of Done Canvas. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with the presentation slides and a blog post related to the presentation.


Many Scrum teams still struggle with delivering a high-quality, fully tested, production-ready product increment at the end of each Sprint. These teams likely have a weak Definition of Done and still approach product development using more of a phased approach. The Definition of Done is an often misunderstood or overlooked concept in Scrum. Most teams don’t normally have one or confuse it with the Acceptance Criteria. In this session, we’ll clarify the difference and gain a better understanding of how the Definition of Done has a direct impact on the quality of our product increment as well as the composition of our cross-functional team. Come to this session to learn more about the Definition of Done, practice creating one, use it to produce a product increment, and learn a new retrospective technique to regularly inspect and strengthen your Definition of Done to help you produce quality product increments.

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