Top Tips For Product Backlog Refinement

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At the 2022 Global Scrum Gathering in Denver, I presented on 6 Tips for Product Backlog Refinement. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with the presentation slides and a blog post related to the presentation.


Are your Sprint planning meetings taking longer and longer each Sprint? Are some of the stories vague, complex, or very large? Do you regularly reach the end of the Sprint and have unfinished user stories that just get rolled over onto the next Sprint? These are all symptoms of ineffective Product Backlog Refinement which results in painful Sprint planning meetings and unmet Sprint Goals. Product Backlog Refinement is an important activity that is frequently overlooked. 

Come to this session to understand the importance of Product Backlog Refinement as we cover 6 tips to run effective product backlog refinement sessions. Learn how to progressively elaborate on user stories, size them, split them, and get them “ready” for upcoming Sprints. Leave with new techniques for your toolbox that you can use in your very next refinement session.

6 Tips for Effective Product Refinement presentation slides:

6 Tips For Effective Product Backlog Refinement

Also, check out the blog post associated with this presentation