TDD – That Was Easy!

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At the 2019 Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna and at AgileDC 2019 in Washington, DC, I presented on Test Driven Development. Below is the abstract of the talk, along with the presentation slides.

AgileDC 2019

Abstract: Have you tried TDD? Do you hate it? Do you have a hard time applying it in practice? Do you find it promoting bad design decisions because you must write micro tests instead of looking at the big picture? Are your tests tightly coupled to the implementation due to a lot of mocking making refactoring a pain? Do tons of tests break when a simple change is made? Do you have a hard time justifying all the time spent on writing tests vs. just focusing on development?

You are not alone. Every organization or team that I run into is supposedly Agile. Some are also applying agile engineering practices such as automated unit, integration and acceptance testing, etc… However, many struggle with TDD. TDD is hard, seems counter-intuitive and requires a lot of investment. Come to this session for a TDD reboot. We will look at the benefits of TDD, discuss the resistance to TDD and uncover some common difficulties along with misconceptions. We will then address these misunderstandings and explore different approaches to making TDD easier. Leave with a fresh perspective and new insights on how to become better at TDD and apply it with ease.

Check out the TDD – That Was Easy presentation slides below:

TDD – That Was Easy!