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I presented on Managing Technical Debt at the AgileDC2018 conference held at the Kellog Conference Center at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. I’d previously presented variations of this talk at Agile2014 in Orlando, as well as the Global Scrum Gathering in Las Vegas and in Barcelona. Below is the abstract, along with the slides from the presentation and links to the blog post series on Managing Technical Debt.


Is your team constantly missing delivery dates? Is the velocity decreasing from sprint to sprint while the development costs are rising? Are customers complaining about the increasing number of bugs and the long time it takes to add new features? These are all signs that you are mired in technical debt and probably on your way to bankruptcy or a complete system rewrite. Technical debt is inevitable, whether intentional or unintentional. However, not managing technical debt can paralyze your organization. Fadi Stephan expands on the technical debt metaphor and introduces a technical debt management plan that enables executives and teams to make prudent decisions on code quality and technical debt. Come learn how to measure the quality of your code base and determine the amount of your debt.