Product Management Coaching and Facilitation

We provide product management coaching and facilitation along any part of your product journey. This includes facilitating:

Visioning Sessions

We facilitate and coach you through visioning sessions to engage stakeholders and developers through several co-creation activities and crafting a vision and mission statement to establish a shared understanding of the product and its purpose.

Interviews and Persona Generation Sessions

We facilitate and coach you through user interviews and persona generation to better understand the users and customers.

Value Proposition Sessions

 We facilitate and coach you through value proposition sessions using the value proposition canvas to ensure we are creating compelling products or services that match our customer’s needs and desires.

Business Modeling Sessions

We facilitate and coach you through business model and strategy sessions using the business model canvas to help flesh out your ideas by mapping your customer segments and value propositions, the channels available to reach your customers, the relationships to maintain them, the key resources, activities and partners needed to deliver the business plan along with the cost and revenue generation models.

Product Backlog Management and User Story Refinement Sessions

We facilitate and coach you through product backlog management to help with prioritization and user story refinement.

Product Idea Elicitation and Validation Sessions

We facilitate and coach you through elicitation and validation sessions to generate different product or feature ideas, test them out, and validate these ideas using techniques like interviewing, surveys, single feature MVPs, prototypes, wizard of oz, etc.

Release Planning and Story Mapping Sessions

We facilitate release planning and story mapping sessions to help visualize the solution, build a product backlog, and identify customer-focused release candidates.

Launch New Product Teams Sessions

We facilitate and coach you through launching new product teams to get your team up and running, iterating, and delivering immediately.


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Product Management Coaching Engagement

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