Tales of the Bizarro Scrum

Tales of the Bizarro Scrum

Bizarro Scrum is like Bizarro world where everything appears to be the opposite of what it should be. It is when Organizations and teams are doing Scrum but are not realizing the benefits of Scrum like faster ROI, reduced risk, increased visibility and improved adaptability. They are unable to continuously deliver valuable, high quality products and features that dazzle their customers.

These teams are going through the motions, using new “cool” lingo with new roles and titles yet the approach and results are still the same: Long development and release cycles and poor-quality products that do not meet their clients’ needs.

The reasons for this are myriad and include a lack of expertise in Agile Engineering practices, a misunderstanding of Scrum fundamentals, and a failure to live by the Agile values and principles.

These organizations and teams are unknowingly and unintentionally taking certain actions that can be counterproductive and might cause more harm than good.

In this Tales of the Bizarro Scrum blog series, I’ll highlight observations that I’ve seen teams do and explain the implications of these actions and how to fix them. It’s about things overheard in Bizarro Scrum, things that make you go hmmm, Scrum anti-patterns, Scrum smells, what not to do, or dark scrum. Stay tuned…