What is Exploratory Testing?

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Most manual testing should be spent on Usability and Exploratory Testing. These types of tests are non-scripted and thus cannot be automated. These tests need human interaction, observation, and analysis.

With usability testing, a human needs to verify that the design, layout, and user interface of a business feature is intuitive, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to execute and attractive to the business users.

The same goes for exploratory testing.  It’s non-scripted, however, it is not ad hoc testing. It’s a sophisticated and thoughtful approach to testing that combines learning, test design and test execution into one.

It applies test heuristics in a disciplined manner to supplement story testing and go beyond the obvious variations that have been already scripted and tested. Again this requires a human doing manual testing, following through on a mission to achieve some business objective. However, the tester is encouraged to deviate from the mission based on their interaction with the application. At the end of the mission, they report their findings and decide on what to test next.

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