What are the 5 Scrum Values?

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When the values of commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect are embodied and lived by the Scrum Team, the Scrum pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation come to life and build trust for everyone. The Scrum Team members learn and explore those values as they work with the Scrum events, roles and artifacts.

Successful use of Scrum depends on people becoming more proficient in living these five values.

  • People personally commit to achieving the goals of the Scrum Team.
  • The Scrum Team members have courage to do the right thing and work on tough problems.
  • Everyone focuses on the work of the Sprint and the goals of the Scrum Team.
  • The Scrum Team and its stakeholders agree to be open about all the work and the challenges with performing the work.
  • Scrum Team members respect each other to be capable, independent people.

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